Croft Gallery is an online gallery of work comprised of the married couple, Andrew & Patricia Croft. Patricia and Andrew currently reside in Jersey City, NJ.

Andrew is a freelance photographer with an eye for detail, lines, and composition.  He is passionate about landscape and cityscape photography and has shown in several juried exhibitions in the Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh areas.

Patricia holds a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has completed numerous murals and commissions and exhibited in New York, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, as well as multiple venues in RI.  Her passion is oil painting and has recently started breaching out into live painting events.  She also holds a degree in art education and currently teaches Visual Arts at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts in Manhattan, NY.

Walter Croft is a wood magician.  Retired from carpentry, Walter has worked on house framing, maple cabinets, and tiny sculptures (including a mini lobster trap) as well as a plethora of other sculptural projects.  He has always worked with wood in some capacity and for the past few decades has committed to pushing its limits by molding one-of-a-kind novel creations including completely wooden basketballs, sports jerseys, beer cans and peanuts.  His attention to detail is unrivaled- he wood burns individual dimples into his balls and ensures that all his sculptures mimic the true weight of its live counterpart.  Take a look at his collection, (yes, even the laces on his sneakers are wooden), and note that he does not shy away from commissions.

Walter currently lives in Coventry, RI where he spends his time biking, going to his granddaughter’s ballet recitals, and of course, turning wood.  Walter is also a retired Navy Veteran whose task it once was to scoop astronauts out of the ocean upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere.