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This Must Be the Place-20"x30", 2021Conducting - 30"x48", 2020Live Painting - Baby Shower @ Gramercy Terrace, 16x20, 2020Live Painting - Wedding Ceremony, 18"x24", 2019Mare - 18"x24", 2019Life is Beautiful - 18"x24", 2019Enzo - 16"x16", 2018Will's Dog, 16"x20", 2018Gaby & Gus, 16"x20", 2015Hat Dog, 12"x12", 2014Puppy, 16"x20", 2013Abstract - 24"x60", 2015Morettis, 12"x16", 2013Brad - 16"x20", 2012Bud - 16"x20",2012Gus- 8"x10", 2012Corey- 8"x10", 2012Andy- 8"x10", 2012Fugi - 8"x10", 2012Cody - 10"x10", 2010